Thursday, 1 May 2014

Project: Natália Moreira Cabeleireiros

Before I went to France my mum was considering changing her Beauty Salon to a different location, and sometime during my time away she called me saying she had found the perfect spot! I was asked to do the decoration project.

A 3 month project where I was given complete freedom to do as I wanted. I enjoyed getting up at 5am to go to fabric stockists with my father (who is a textiles retailer), various trips to Ikea and many days building furniture, choosing lamps, colours...

I focused on key elements to bring colour and personality to the space and left many areas free and clear to allow the space to breath and be less cluttered. Along with the architect we studied different options for the space and used furniture elements and colours to divide them.

Besides very few elements that were bought, most of the other things are from the old place but used in a new way, or even from my own home but with a new colour, fabric or simply dusted off.

I also did the brand identity and services redesign for the salon, as well as their website and online presence on the social media.





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